Peripatetic Music Lessons

There is a wide range of instrumental lessons on offer at Wrenthorpe Academy.
The instruments children can choose from include:

  • Woodwind (Clarinet, Flute and Saxophone)
  • Brass (Trumpet, Cornet, Tenor Horn and Trombone)
  • Strings (Violin, Viola and Cello)
  • Guitar (Acoustic and Electric)
  • and Drums.

All of these lessons are delivered by peripatetic music teachers from Wakefield Music Service. Instrumental lessons are delivered during school time and children receive approximately 20 minutes of quality teaching, once a week, in a group situation.

Children do not need to own their own instrument in order to take lessons at school, as instrument hire is part of the service offered by Wakefield Music Service.

Learning a musical instrument is very rewarding but does take dedication and lots of practice.

Our Music Curriculum

Wrenthorpe Academy offers an exciting and varied Music Curriculum. Each child receives high-quality Music lessons, which allow them to develop a wide range of skills including team-work and collaboration. Activities include: rhythm work; composition with tuned and un-tuned instruments; creating graphic score; body percussion; and writing raps among others.

In addition to the Music Scheme of Work, every child in school will be given the opportunity to learn a musical instrument (free of charge) at various points in their school career. These opportunities are: whole-class Ocarina lessons for Year 2 children, whole-class recorder lessons for our Year 3 children and whole-class African Drumming lessons (provided by Wider Opportunities) for children in Year 4. Children will also be introduced to formal notation during these lessons, which will help them if they decide to take up Peripatetic Instrumental lessons while they are at Wrenthorpe.

Curriculum Enhancements 

In addition to our Curriculum Music lessons, children are also given the opportunity to join a number of Music groups throughout their time in school, which are run by our teachers.

These include: Choir (Mrs Parry) Samba Band (Mrs Parry and Miss Read), Ukelele Club (Miss Carter), Recorder Club (Miss Berry) and Street Dance (Miss Berry).

Performance Opportunities

We are very proud of the amount of opportunities our children get to perform to audiences throughout the school year. Every child at Wrenthorpe gets at least one chance to perform during the course of the year, not counting their Class Assemblies.

Some of the Performance Opportunities our children receive are:

Reception – Christmas Production

Year 1 – Christmas Carol Concert

Year 2 – Christmas Production

Years 3-6 – Choir performances

Years 5 (moving into 6) – Samba performances

Year 6 – Street Dance performances

All the children in the Choir, Samba band and Street Dance group are given the opportunity to take part in a series of performances at Christmas for our Musical Extravaganza, which is a highly successful event involving approximately 90 children.

A Celebration of Musical Talent

In July, we held our first ever summer music event, which we called ‘A celebration of musical talent’ and what a celebration it was! The idea behind this event was to provide the children who take advantage of Peripatetic instrumental lessons to be given an opportunity to show off the progress they have made throughout the year. We also included in the concert the best children from Miss Berry’s recorder group, Miss Carter’s ukulele band and the Gifted and Talented Choir.

The children all rose to the occasion and performed brilliantly well. They made all their parents and teachers very proud. We had performances from children playing a wide range of instruments, including: clarinet, violin, recorder, ukulele, drums, trumpet, guitar and singing.

We can’t wait to do it all again next year!