We are part of the ‘Outwood Together’ group of schools and work hard to organise a range of different inter-school sports tournaments for our children here at Wrenthorpe Primary School. We love to work as part of a team and always strive to be the best we can be. We are very competitive and love to win but we are also very graceful in defeat.

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kids in action

We Are An Active School…

We are really working hard to become an active school. Throughout our school day we ensure that ALL of our children become more active through their lessons, playtimes and assemblies. All of this is in addition to the 2 hours of PE that we offer in curriculum time. Take a look at our video that show all of our children working as a team to create a whole school dance.

An Active Assembly!

Mia Jones – Our Talented Gymnast

Mia Jones, our talented gymnast, spent time in Las Vegas with her gymnastic squad. What a once in a lifetime opportunity. We are all so proud of you Mia!

Year 5 and 6 Rugby Team

A huge well done to our talented rugby players who represented us at the Outwood Together tournament. They all worked incredibly hard and came 2nd overall with the highest number of tries scored. We are now representing Wakefield at the next tournament. Fingers crossed we can reach the West Yorkshire finals!

Green Team Winners!

Well done to our Green team who won the team points challenge for the Autumn term. They were treated to an extra day of PE that was led by our very skilled Team Captains. They all had a fantastic day!

Year 2 Dance Competition

Well done to our wonderful dance team who represented the Academy at the competition. We came 3rd overall and thoroughly enjoyed showing off our skills to all of the audience. Some fantastic talent was displayed and we are all very proud of you!

Cross Country Year 4, Year 5 and Year 6

Well done to our wonderful cross country team. The children showed real hard work and determination and even when they were exhausted they never gave up and pushed themselves right to the finish line. You all did us proud at the tournament!

Our Winning Athletics Team

A huge congratulations to our winning athletes in Years 3 and 4. These children were specially selected to represent Wrenthorpe Academy and came away with the winners trophy. They displayed a huge amount of talent and were deserving winners. You should all be very proud of yourselves!

Our Football Team Runners up

Well done to our talented football team who took home the runners  up trophy at the local football tournament. They worked together closely as a team and showed real determination right until the end. You all made us very proud boys – well done!

Our Winning Gymnastics Team

Well done to our amazing gymnastics team from Year 4 and Year 6. The children in Year 4 came 2nd and the children in Year 6 came 1st. I am delighted to say that we will be representing Outwood in the West Yorkshire finals in May. We will let you know how we get on! Click here to read the match report.

gymnastics team


Well done to the children who have showed sheer hard work and determination throughout the last half term during their PE lessons. They all received a t-shirt as recognition of their commitment to the subject. We are all very proud of you and are great ambassadors of the school!

Rugby Tournament

Well done to the children in Year 3 and 4 who took part in the rugby competition. You all worked hard as a team and showed fabulous teamwork throughout the competition. Click to read The tag rugby tournament match report.

Hula Hoop Challenge

We were inspired by the Olympians taking part in the Hula Hoop Challenge After Rio so we decided to have our very own! Every playtime we practise and at the end of each half term we have a competition in the hall infront of the whole school. Below are our fantastic Hula Hoop champions for Autumn Term 1. Well done to all the children.

Street Dance Year 6

Our Street Dancer’s held a brilliant competition at our school. We led the event by designing posters, making the certificates and introducing the event alongside Mrs Coyle. We danced our ‘socks off’ and came away with the winner’s trophy! What a proud moment. Click here to watch our winning dance.
Click here to read our match report.

year 6 street dance

Netball Tournament Year 6

Our Gifted and Talented Year 6 children were chosen to represent our school in a netball tournament. The children demonstrated incredible teamwork skills and worked hard to the bitter end. They were proud to walk away in 2nd place. Click here to read our match report.

year 6 netball

Dance Workshop Year 1/2

Our Gifted and Talented dancers within Year 1 and 2 were invited along to a dance workshop ran by a specialist dance teacher. The children were able to show off their skills and were given the opportunity of extending their skills even further. They learnt a new dance and certainly did our school proud. Click here to read our ‘match report’.

dance workshop year 1 2

Multi-Skills Workshop Year 3

Some specially selected children from Year 3 were taken to Kingsland Special School to take part in some Multi-Skills activities. The children had the opportunity to work alongside children with a range of disabilities and gained a real sense of enjoyment and achievement whilst doing so. Not only was it a wonderfully inclusive afternoon but also a pleasure to see just how kind and considerate our children were when assisting others who are less fortunate than themselves. They certainly did the school proud! Click here to read the ‘match report’.

multi skills workshop