Sports Day 2018

What an incredible week! All the children took part in a sports day where they earned points for their colour teams. This year the overall winner was the GREEN TEAM!

Sports Day Warm up!

Digital Challenge Day!

The children showed perseverance and resilience as they tried hard to improve their own performance in a range of different activities (catching a tennis ball, football kick ups, skipping or hula hooping). They worked with a friend who timed them with a stopwatch whilst they completed their first challenge and recorded their score. They then had to beat their original score which they didn’t always find easy!

Digital Challenge Day!

The Quidditch 2018 Whole School Tournament!

The children were treated to a very special day at school where some very menacing professors form Hogwarts came to school for the day to teach everyone how to play the game of Quidditch. The children represented their new teams of Slytherin, Ravenclaw, Gryffindor and Hufflepuff and worked tirelessly to score the points by throwing the Quaffle through the hoops. The real finale was watching the Golden Snitch released in the last minute of the game where the lucky team could earn an extra 30 points to try and win the game.

Keep checking this page to see who will win the famous Nimbus 2000 broomstick!!

The Menacing Professors From Hogwarts!

Quidditch Game

Quidditch Goal!