The children looked ‘fantastically French’ in their Bastille Day attire on Friday! Each class enjoyed a brilliant range of French themed activities throughout the day. After an assembly explaining the concept of ‘Bastille Day’, children in class:
  • 1S learnt key phrases such as ‘Bonjour, ca va?’ before creating French landmarks out of paper straws
  • 1/2H learnt the French colour names in order to draw Elmer
  • 2M tasted a range of French bread-based products in line with their DT work
  • 3B enjoyed watching the live Bastille day celebrations as they recreated pieces of art from famous French artists
  • 3/4D made some exquisite French scones which contained (blue) blueberries (white) whipped cream and red berry jam before sketching Vincent Van Goghs ‘Sunflowers’
  • 4C utilised their constructions skills to create 3D sculptures and collages
  • 5P researched famous French ¬†landmarks before re-creating them using coloured art straws
  • 5/6M created story-boards showing the series of events that led to Bastille Day being a nationally celebrated day; they then used the laptops to research key figures in France, from Marie Curie to David Guetta!
  • 6R produced some beautiful paintings of the Eiffel Tower using cotton wool buds.

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