Mrs Mayman and Miss Berry

15.11.2019: Children In Need

Today we came to school wearing our pyjamas/onesies to raise money for Children In Need.  We also learnt a Pudsey dance during our PE lesson!

Pudsey Dance

Pudsey Dance

11.11.2019: Lest we forget…

Today we have learnt about why Remembrance Day is so important.  We talked about people who have worked, and still work, in the army.  We also talked about soldiers who have fought in battles/wars, and received medals for their bravery.  We thought about a time when we have been brave and made our own medals.

5.11.2019: Remember, Remember…

We have had a great first day back at school, accessing provision and learning all about Bonfire Night!  We have created fireworks using paint, chalks, play dough, modelling equipment and technology.  We even had firework water in the Water Area!

25.10.2019: ‘Marvellous Me’ Topic Teaser

We finished our topic today with a class quiz!  Mrs Mayman’s and Miss Berry’s class competed against each other to answer questions about what we have learnt this half term.  We had such a wonderful time working as a team, and were able to answer all of the questions confidently!

25.10.2019: What a busy week!

We have had such a busy week during the final week of our first Autumn term in Reception.  We have been practising our early writing and counting, as well as using our senses to look at pumpkins!

22.10.2019: Inspire Morning

Thank you so much to everyone who came to our wonderful Inspire Morning!  We have now got so many fantastic pieces of work, linking in with our ‘Marvellous Me’ topic.  We all had such a lovely morning and it was brilliant to work alongside so many of our adults.

17.10.2019: Autumn Walk

This morning, we went out into the wildlife areas around school to collect things like leaves, twigs and stones.  We talked about how the outdoor environment changes from Summer into Autumn, and thought about the textures of different things.  We will use everything we have collected for our Inspire Morning next week!


We have now been taking part in Maths activities for a couple of weeks, and really enjoyed making ‘ten-tickles’ this week.  We are also beginning to take responsibility for playing and sharing well together, as well as appointing ‘Tidy Directors’ who check to make sure every area of provision has been tidied-up properly.

Senses Station

As part of our ‘Marvellous Me’ topic, we have had a ‘Senses Station’, where we can explore a new sense every week.  Have a look at our photos – can you tell which senses we have learnt about already?

Wriggle & Write

On Friday mornings, we do Wriggle & Write to practise our gross-motor skills.  We use coloured scarves to move to the music to practise movements that we need to apply in our writing – moving up and down, side to side, round and round, over and under!

Wriggle and Write

Dough Disco

We have spent our mornings enjoying Dough Disco!  We hold some play dough in our hands, put some music on and mold our play dough into different shapes to develop our fine-motor skills, and warm our hands up ready for writing.

20.9.2019: New Friend Friday

This morning was our first ‘New Friend Friday’ of the year! We all spent the morning with someone who we wouldn’t normally play with, which allows us to make new friends and get to know our new friends really well.

20.9.2019: And the winner is… everyone!

Now that it is the end of the week, we received an email from Simon Cowell!  He said he has seen our performances and he was really impressed!  He was so impressed that he chose all of us as his winners, and sent us a little prize!

16.9.2019: ‘I can’ day…

This morning we were very excited to receive a letter from Simon Cowell! He has heard about us performing in our role play area to showcase our talents in ‘Wrenthorpe’s Got Talent’. In his letter, Simon asked us all to share our talents throughout the day, and that the children with the best talents would win a prize! Our teachers gave us stickers to show what our talents are, for example: I can sing a song, I can balance on one leg, I can write my name, I can play nicely with my friends.

16.9.2019: Burn2Learn

Today we were excited to meet Alex from Burn2Learn and try out some of his activities! We practised recognising numbers to 10, 2D shapes and some letter sounds. It was so much fun to learn whilst being active!

13.9.2019: Our first full week in Reception

We have now completed our first full week in Reception – and what a busy week it’s been!  We’ve been busy selling tickets in the box office of our theatre role play area, watching performances, building incredible structures in the builder’s yard, making dens, and much more!

6.9.2019: Our first days in Reception!

We have had another busy day today – we have all been in for our first full day and have had lots of fun accessing provision, as well as getting some fresh air outside.  We even all got our very first WOW moments!

5.9.2019: Our first days in Reception!

What a wonderful two days we’ve had!  We’ve been in for two half-days, and have been exploring our classrooms and all the different areas of provision.  We have learnt lots of new rules and routines, and we have all settled in really well!