Mrs Mayman and Miss Berry

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Another Fairy Letter!

Today, we received another letter from the fairies!  They said that because we did such a good job looking after the chicks, they have brought something else for us to look after – caterpillars!  We need to look after them until they have transformed into butterflies!

Health, Fitness and Well-being Week

What an in-cred-i-ble Sports Day! Every single child did a fantastic job at each sport, and made us so proud when they completed the final mile of their Race for Life run!

Health, Fitness and Well-being Week

Today we were visited by a smoothie chef! She made mango and pineapple smoothies, as well as mixed berry smoothies. We also learnt more about Usain Bolt, and watched some videos of him running. Mrs Mayman then taught us how to do a sprint start!

Health, Fitness and Well-being Week

Today we have discussed with the children things that they enjoy doing with their family.  We talked about how unhealthy it is to play computer games for a long time, and the children told us how much they like going out to do things with their family, as well as playing board games.  We talked about the benefits of playing board games – spending time with family, learning how to win/lose, learning how to take turns etc.  The children were very excited to make their own version of some of their favourite board games, and the finished products were absolutely fantastic!

Chicks: Day 12

The chicks have grown very big now, and have had to go back to the farm!  The King of the Fairies came to collect them this morning – can you see how much they have grown since they first hatched?


We have recently been reading Jack and the Beanstalk, and a beanstalk has been growing in the corner of our Fairy Garden.  Today, we noticed that a cloud had appeared on the ceiling above the beanstalk, as well as the Giant’s feet hanging down!  We have also received a letter from the Giant!  He knows that we have got Jack in our class, and has challenged us to count how many freckles are on Jack’s face!

Chicks: Day 8/9

Now that the chicks are getting bigger, they have started trying to jump out of their cage whenever we open it!  We can only get one out at a time to stroke them.  We have noticed that their fluff is starting to fall out, and some of their feathers are starting to appear on their wings and tails.

Chicks: Day 6/7

This weekend, the chicks went home with Mrs Mayman and Miss Berry for a sleepover!

Chicks: Day 4/5

Now that all the eggs have hatched, we enjoyed having the chicks out in the classroom to have a closer look!

Chicks: Day 4

Our final egg hatched last night!  Everyone meet Clive!

Chicks: Day 3

It must have been a busy night last night – we came into school to find 6 chicks this morning!  We have named them: Baby Spice, Sporty Spice, Scary Spice, Posh Spice, Ginger Spice and Rocky.

Throughout the day, we have also been lucky enough to watch some of the chicks hatching!  We have seen Donald, Fred, Albert, Douglas, Alan, Shania, Rita, Barbara and Steve hatch!

Chicks: Day 2

Our first egg hatched last night!  Pumpkin was excited to meet our children today!

The Fairies Deliver Chicks!

We have been so incredibly lucky to have a visit from the King of the Fairies this morning! He brought some eggs in incubators that will hatch over the next few days, and we have been asked to look after the chicks once they have hatched! We are very very very excited!


We have had the most fantastic afternoon for our first ‘Buddy’ session with the Year 6s.  We all split into small groups to take part in a range of activities: parachute games, accessing provision, nature journey sticks, mini beast hunting and pond dipping!  Each group will have the opportunity to complete most of these activities over the next few weeks.  It was so wonderful to see ALL children working incredibly well together!  Such a great afternoon of collaborative learning, both inside and out!

A Magical Morning!

It is Mrs Mayman’s birthday today, and the fairies left her a note inside a birthday card! They had hidden a birthday cake in the fairy garden! Then, we read Jack and the Beanstalk, and the fairies had left another note in the back of the book! They had planted a Beanstalk inside the fairy garden!

Eureka! (17.5.2019)

We have had the most fantastic day on a school trip to Eureka!  As well as exploring the museum, we got to take part in a Space Workshop, imagining what it would be like to fly to the moon!  Some of us also got to: listen to some facts about dinosaurs and hold some real dinosaur teeth; take part in a story time; and see some space-themed science experiments!

Nature Artists! (16.5.2019)

We explored our wildlife area to collect twigs, branches, leaves, etc.  We then worked in groups, using the natural materials that we found, to create huge dinosaur natural art on the floor!

Chalk Masters! (15.5.2019)

Because we have been so inspired by one of the books we have been reading (The Dinosaur that Pooped a Planet), we went outside to draw some fantastic dinosaurs using chalk on the floor!

Topic Teaser! (14.5.2019)

Today, we went on the hunt for information about dinosaurs.  Once we had found all the information, we took part in a Topic Teaser Quiz, hosted by Mrs Shaw and Miss Cooper!  Mrs Mayman’s class went head-to-head with Miss Berry’s class to see who had the best dinosaur knowledge…

Reception Archaeologists! (13.5.2019)

When we got to school this morning, we had received an email from ‘The Archaeologists of Yorkshire’!  They had visited our wildlife area over the weekend, and suggested that we went up there to see what we could find.  To our amazement, we found some dinosaur bones!

Dinosaur Eggs! (7.5.2019)

We had a fantastic surprise this morning – some frozen dinosaur eggs had been left in our water area! We also had a challenge: to find numbers around our classroom, which told us specific letters to make a word. Can you see what word we made…?

Our Dinosaur Dance!


Today we had a go at an estimating challenge. We estimated how many pairs of shoes we could fit inside the huge dinosaur footprint!


What a fantastic start to learning about halving! We discussed halving in lots of practical ways, and soon realised that some amounts could be halved equally, but others couldn’t. These children independently worked out that 1, 3, 5 and 9 cannot be halved BECAUSE they are odd numbers. What fantastic mathematical thinking – we nearly burst with pride!

Prehistoric Planet

Today our Prehistoric Planet topic started with a bang! We noticed some footprints and soon realised that a dinosaur had been in our classrooms over the weekend – we even saw it on the CCTV! We think the dinosaur must have been hungry because there was a trail of half-eaten apples left behind. Luckily we’ve got lots of areas in our classrooms where we can be palaeontologists to find out lots more about dinosaurs…

Police Officer Visit

We thoroughly enjoyed our visit from a Police Officer this morning!  He talked to us about the different types of jobs within the Police Force, and all the equipment they have to wear.  We also got to try on some of the uniform, and spray some pretend pepper spray!

Fire Fighter Visit

Some Fire Fighters visited us this afternoon! They showed us some of the equipment they use when they need to save people. We also got to sit in their fire engine and squirt some water out of the hose!

Doctor Visit

This morning, Ryan’s Mum came to tell us all about being a Doctor!  We looked at some of the equipment she uses, and found out how she helps children to get better.  We really enjoyed finding out about the hospital she works in, too!

Superhero WOW Day!

What a SUPER day we’ve had, being dressed up as SUPERHEROES (both fictional and real-life heroes)!  We all got to wear the superhero capes that we made, and we received another letter from Frozone!  He told us we have passed our Superhero training, and we now all have a certificate to show that we have achieved SUPERHERO STATUS!

We Are Superheroes!

Lollipop Lady Visit

As part of our Superheroes topic, our school Lollipop Lady came to talk to us about what she does, and how she keeps us safe.  We even practised crossing a pretend road with her!

Magnificent Mums’/Grandmas’ Morning 🌼

What a wonderful morning! We invited Mums and Grandmas into school so that we could spoil them for Mother’s Day. The children served them juice and biscuits, performed a story, sang a song, gave them a daffodil, a card and a special piece of writing, and – most importantly – told them individually what they love most about them! Thank you to everyone who came, we thoroughly enjoyed the morning!

Goodbye Evil Pea…

Oh my goodness, what a morning! There was another letter from Evil Pea when we got into school today. He told us that he has decided he wants to be a good pea, and has apologised for all of the naughty things he has done recently. We checked the CCTV, which shows that he has taken himself back to the freezer so that he definitely won’t continue being mean. There was also a mysterious box that Evil Pea left for us. We had to use the code that we cracked earlier in the week to open the box. Inside, there was… THE MISSING STAR OF THE DAY BADGES! There were also two small Supertato and Evil Pea toys for us to keep. We were all so excited!

Arts Fortnight: Day 9

We went into the hall this morning for a super music workshop with Mrs Parry! We chose appropriate instruments to represent different parts of a book called ‘Snail and the Whale’.

Evil Pea has returned!

When we arrived at school this morning, we noticed that Supertato had returned to the display in Room 1!  He had a note telling us to check the CCTV again.  The images showed that Evil Pea has been into lots of areas of provision, WEARING THE STAR OF THE DAY BADGES (the ones that he stole at the start of this week)!  We think that he wants to start being good,  because he returned Supertato to our display.

Arts Fortnight: Day 7

We had lots of fun taking part in a dance workshop with Miss Berry, where we learnt a full routine with lots of funky moves! We can’t wait to show you in our assembly next week!

Evil Pea strikes again!

We came into school this morning to find a letter from Evil Pea!  He has stolen our Star of the Day badges!  Also, Supertato has gone missing from our display in Room 1.  We think the Evil Pea has taken him!

Arts Fortnight: Day 5

We spent the morning adding some modroc to our chicken wire sculpture, and made some more tentacles for our large jellyfish!

Arts Fortnight: Day 4

Today we have been experimenting with paint in bottles, and have started making a large ‘under the sea’ sculpture out of chicken wire – can you guess what it is?  We have also had some vegetables out all week (linking with our Supertato book) to use for painting and printing!

Arts Fortnight: Day 3

We had a great morning working with artist Jill Randall. We experimented with clay to make ‘under the sea’ sculptures. We also worked on a patchwork seahorse!

Evil Pea: the search continues!

We were all surprised to receive a message from Mr Kelly this afternoon – he had noticed something suspicious on the CCTV. We were AMAZED to see that Evil Pea had been wandering around school last night! We then spent the rest of this afternoon looking for clues to try to track him down!

Arts Fortnight: Day 1 & 2

We have got stuck into starting our ‘under the sea’ artwork, using materials that we have brought in from home to recycle.  We have started on a large jellyfish with Miss Cooper and Mrs Shaw, and have completed a bottle top turtle with Mrs Mayman and Miss Berry!

Crime Scene Investigators!

WHAT A BUSY DAY… We were all desperate to get into school today to see the full extent of Evil Pea’s devious plan – he had captured the veggies, and left a trail of peas everywhere!  The police had been and put lots of yellow tape around our outdoor area, and we all had to give our fingerprints as we walked into the classroom this morning (including Mrs Coyle and Mr Kelly)!  FROZONE even came back over the weekend, left us another letter, AND we found another frozen hand from him – except this time, it was GREEN!  He must have seen the Evil Pea too…

We also all brought a potato to school to make our very own SUPERTATO!  We suspect Evil Pea is still hiding somewhere in school, and we hope to have found him by the end of this week.  We wrote ‘MISSING’ posters that we can put up in school so that everyone can keep an eye out for him!

Intruder alert! 

Oh no – look at what has happened over the weekend!  Evil Pea has taken over our classroom, and is holding the veggies prisoner!  Maybe this is a job for… SUPERTATO!  We need to get to school quick so that we can help Supertato to defeat Evil Pea!

World Book Day!

We had so much fun on World Book Day!  The children all looked amazing – well done for the effort you put into the day!  We all made kites and went out to test them, and enjoyed singing the classic Mary Poppins song ‘Let’s Go Fly a Kite’!

Let's go fly a kite!

Parachute Fun!

In PE, we worked as a team to play lots of different parachute games.  We particularly used the strength in our arms and legs when bending and lifting the parachute.  We had so much fun!

Our Super Hero Role Play Area!

We are all very excited about our new topic this half term, and we love our SUPER role play area!  Frozone has taken over Reception.  He left us a frozen hand, and a very important letter!

Lost & Found Boat Challenge…

Linking with our polar topic, we read ‘Lost and Found’ during our English lessons.  This inspired a homework task, which was to design and make a boat that floated (just like the boat that the boy and penguin used in the book!).  Today, we tested our boats!  We also used our scientific brains to predict whether we thought the boat would float or sink.  Luckily, everyone’s boat floated – phew!

Inspire Morning! (1/2/2019)

Wow!  What an IN-CRED-I-BLE polar-themed Inspire morning!  A HUGE thank you to all the adults who came to work with our wonderful children.  We all had such a fantastic morning, and we are over the moon with everything that the children made with their adults.  We hope you enjoyed it as much as we did!

Arctic Adventure!

We have now introduced our new topic for this half term: ‘Arctic Animals’.  Today, we listened to the ‘Stick Man’ story, and enjoyed finding the different rhyming words.  We then went on a Winter Walk to collect sticks to make our very own Stick Men.  We have also enjoyed exploring our new Arctic activities in our new role play area, and are using these activities to help us practise our handwriting.

Totley Hall Farm – Christmas 2018!

We had the most magical visit to Totley Hall Farm to act out the Nativity with a donkey and two lambs!

We got a full-page spread in the Wakefield Express! 

Brantwood Hall Christmas Visit!

After our visitors came from Brantwood Hall during World War 1 week, we invited them back for a Christmas party!  The children made cheese sandwiches, ham sandwiches and Chrismas buns, as well as making party hats with our visitors, and singing them songs from our Christmas performance.  The Wakefield Express came to take some photos too – look out for us in this week’s paper!

Here are some of the things our visitors said about their visit…

“What a pleasure it was to interact with the children.  Many thanks for a lovely afternoon.” Sarah Langan

“A breath of fresh air.” Ken Broadhead

“It brings back memories from when I went to school.” Vera Garratt

“I love being around the children.” Shirley Rogers

“I’ve had a lovely time, it’s been wonderful.” Christine McCloud

“It’s been great.” Buzz

Ralph the Reindeer!

What a fantastic set of performers!  We were all so proud of our wonderful children who performed in the Christmas production.  For the first time ever, every child had words to say, and they all ‘blew us away’.  Their singing was out of this world, and we are sure Santa was very proud of your performance too!

Our New Outdoor Provision!

Our team have worked hard to update the outdoor area to provide stimulating and engaging provision.  We have a new Potion Lab, Builders Yard, Writing Shed, Recording Studio and Lego Challenge Wall!  This has created a real ‘buzz’ around the children’s learning, and they have loved exploring it.

Veteran Visit

We were very lucky to be visited by some people from Brantwood Hall Care Home.  They were children during World War 2, and told us about their experiences of food being rationed, and practicing Air Raid drills in school!

World War 1 Week

We have been learning about what War is, and how brave the soldiers were to go and fight for their country.  We know that it is 100 years since World War 1 ended, and that it is important to remember the people who died or were injured during this time.  We thought about a time we had been brave, and made our own medals.

We love Autumn!

The adults in Reception set up this Autumn table for us to explore different elements of Autumn.  We looked at the leaves under a magnifying glass, and even did some conker rolling!

We are Sculptors!

We used clay and conkers to make these beautiful snails!  We rolled the clay into a sausage shape, then pushed the conker into the middle.  Then we added googly eyes, as well as sticks for the antennae!

We are Mathematicians!

We have been learning about amounts.  We have been matching the correct amount to the numeral.  We also had a game of Bingo to see who could recognise the numbers the quickest.

Autumn Walk!

We loved walking around our wildlife areas looking for signs of Autumn.  We collected leaves that had fallen off the trees, and spent time looking at the different colour changes.

We love Wriggle and Write!

We really enjoyed our first Wriggle and Write session.  We used colourful scarves to practise different movements that help us to write.  Then, we made sure we had the correct pencil grip to practise writing these movements on large pieces of paper.  We were so proud of ourselves! Check out the video to see us in action!

Wriggle and Write

Let’s get measuring!

We have been working really hard in the Modelling Area!  We have been looking in a mirror to see which materials we can use to match our face.  We were very creative when doing this!  During Maths, we have been measuring each other with string.  We spent time comparing who was the tallest and the shortest.

We are problem solvers…

Already we love working as a team to solve challenges given to us by our teachers. We were given a set of crates and learnt how to build them into a structure that didn’t fall. We then became architects and designed a cave. Just look at the finished result!

When working in the water station we kept losing all the water so we spent time working out a plan to stop this happening. We love team work!

Our first week…

We have already  been very busy in Reception!  Everyone has settled in really well, and enjoyed playing in all the provision areas…