Mrs Mayman & Miss Pinchin

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Our Baby Chicks!!!!

Wow! What a wonderful experience for everyone to watch our baby chicks hatch out of their eggs! A moment that I think everyone will remember forever. A truly magical experience!

Starting to hatch!

Our first baby chick!

Our chicks getting to know each other!

The Life Cycle of a Butterfly

We have loved watching our caterpillars grow into butterflies and learning all about its life cycle. Watching the caterpillars change onto butterflies inspired us to write lots in our new imagination station! We loved letting them go in our wildlife area. We keep looking out for them each playtime!

We Know Our Doubles!

We have loved learning our doubles in maths. Just look at our doubling ladybirds that we created on stones!

St George’s Day

We loved learning all about St George and the dragon. We made our very own spikes and turned into dragons for the day! Just look at our amazing egg box dragons!

Stirley Hall Farm Trip

We had the most amazing trip when we visited Stirley Hall farm. We spent time planting, digging, chopping, cooking and eating! We made some beautiful leek and potato soup. We loved feeding the cows and seeing the calves.

Our Lovely Lollipop Lady!

Today we had a visit from our wonderful Lollipop lady. She came in to school to talk to us about her job and how she helps the children cross the road safely outside our school each day. We had fun practising how to do this with her in our classroom.

World Book Day

We celebrated World Book Day dressed as different characters and had some great costumes!

Reception children had a wonderful afternoon working with a Year 6 buddy. They shared their favourite book and drew their favourite characters.

Visits to Reception

As part of our new topic, we have invited different people into Reception to chat with our children. We were very excited to see William’s dad come in to chat about his job and also show us some of his Origami skills. We were amazed at what he could do with paper!

We then had a visit from Charlotte’s mum who works very hard, caring for other people as a nurse. She showed us how she looks after people and demonstrated her caring skills. She also left some of the equipment for all the children to use in class!

Thank you so much for coming to visit!!

People Around Us

This week in Reception, we have been on a walk around Wrenthorpe to look at the different people and places we see in our community.

We chatted to lots of different people who were going about their everyday lives. One lady was on her way home from church, a man was taking his dog to the park, some ladies were busy working as gardeners, a man was using his phone as a treasure map, another lady was taking her dog for a walk plus there were lots of people who waved at us! We also had beeps from bus drivers, a recycle lorry and a post man in a van.

We managed to walk all the way to Wrenthorpe park where we then acted out our favourite story ‘We’re Going on a Bear Hunt’.

Safer Internet Day

This week in school, we have been learning all about how to keep safe on the internet. In Reception we have watched video’s on how to keep safe and we made sure our iPads and laptops were safe to use too. We know what to do if we think something is not safe for us.

We’re Going on a Bear Hunt

The children are loving the next story in our topic. Thank you for all your creative work helping your child make binoculars for our very own bear hunt!

Inspire Morning…

Thank you to everyone for joining in with our Inspire Morning fun. You and your children created some wonderful puppets. Take a look at our pics…

Busy builders…

We have had a very busy week this week in our builder’s yard. The children have been making a house for Little Red Riding Hood.

Crime Scene Investigation

The children have been investigating clues that have been left in our classroom. They think the clues link to Red Riding Hood so have made Wanted posters to catch the wolf!

It’s a mystery…

Reception went for a winter wonderland walk around our school grounds today. We wrapped up warm and braced ourselves for the chill. However, we saw some strange things. First we found a red ribbon blowing on a twig in the breeze. Then we found a red cape caught on a fence. Next we found some bread crumbs on the playground. Last of all we found a basket caught on the wooden climbing equipment.

The children said this must have been Little Red Riding Hood that has come to our school.

These are our photos we took for evidence…what do you think?

Gruffalo Fun!

What fun we have had learning lots around the story of the Gruffalo. We have spent time making potions to turn our friends into Gruffalos, we have made an amazing Gruffalo cave, done lots of Gruffalo writing, baked Gruffalo crumble and much much more.

Potion Lab!

We have had so much fun this week making potions in our new Potion Lab. We used lots of different equipment including things like pipettes, test tubes, measuring cylinders, scoops, cauldrons and much more! We had to think carefully and measure out our ingredients and then watched our friends turn into lots of different Gruffalos! It was so much fun. Mrs Mayman has asked if we can make her a potion to make her tall! We will try this next week – let’s see what happens!

Let’s Tell a Tale…

What a great first day back we have had and wearing our own Gruffalo feet was such a fun way to start our new topic. Thank you for helping your child to make their Gruffalo feet at home over the holidays.

We sat together (with our feet on!) and watched the Gruffalo story and then showed off our feet and our best Gruffalo walk.

Letter from Santa Claus!

We all wrote a letter to Santa and sent them off to the North Pole. We could not believe it when Mrs Mayman’s phone rang and saw that it Santa himself!!! He spoke to us all and praised certain children for their behaviour. We then heard some bells and when we went outside just look what we saw! Wow we were beyond excited! Merry Christmas everyone!

Christmas is here!

We have had a lovely party for Reception to celebrate Christmas. We all looked fabulous in our party clothes and we played lots of games and did lots of dancing. We even had our own dance off…with teachers too!

Thank you to you all for your donations of food and nibbles…we really were spoilt for choice with all our goodies!

Christmas Trip to Totley Hall Farm Nativity

We all has the most amazing day at Totley Hall farm. We dressed up as characters from the Nativity and acted it out alongside the animals in the stable. Afterwards we had chance to have a ride on a donkey and loved holding the baby lambs. This has been a day we will certainly not forget for a long time!

British Values…

We have been learning about democracy and understanding that everyone has the right to vote. We did a secret ballot and voted for what we would like our class reward to be if we sit nicely on the carpet. I wonder what the outcome will be?

Reception’s trip to St. Anne’s

We had a great morning visiting St Anne’s church. We listened very well to Reverend Jo as she told us lots about the church. We looked at the building such as the stained glass windows and looked at the religious pieces within the church such as the cross, organ and candles. We learnt so much from our visit.

These are some of our pictures…

Firework Fun!

We spent lots of time making firework pictures with different coloured paints and glitter. We loved working in the modelling area and enjoyed designing and making some firework rockets – don’t they look great! We used the sounds buttons to record the sounds that we have been learning in RWInc. We wrote them on the fireworks on our display.

Autumn Walk!

We had a lovely time went we went on an Autumn walk and spent a long time looking at all of the different changes that we could see. We looked carefully at the leaves and could see that they were changing colours to yellow, red and orange. We all chose our favourite leaf and took it back into school and added some glitter to it. These are now hanging in our Cafe area. They look beautiful.

Hello there…

Last week we had a new visitor to Reception.  Spike had managed to curl up and snuggle down in one of our covers until he was found by Mrs Hussain. We didn’t want to disturb him so we decided to move him carefully into the wildlife area where he could have some peace and quiet.

Inspire Morning!

We would like to say a huge thank you to everyone who managed to take part in our Inspire Morning fun. We had such a lovely morning and the work produced was fantastic!

Take a look at some of the photos…

Let’s Get Measuring!

We have been learning about measuring this week. We have been measuring ourselves with string and then our teachers set us a challenge to find things in our environment that were taller or shorter than us. We had to make sure we were being really accurate when measuring the string. Some of us got really clever and started to predict which objects would be taller or shorter.

Den Building!

We had so much fun building a den together for the first time. We had to work as a team to work out how to get the equipment to fit together securely. We had lots of problems along the way and kept having a ‘team meeting’ to sort out what we could do to improve things. We decided that it looked like a castle. Some children then went to make crowns and tiaras in the modelling area. Just look at King Thomas on the throne – doesn’t he look posh! We had so much fun!

Roald Dahl Day!

We had a brilliant day celebrating Roald Dahl day. We all came dressed up as a character from our favourite book. We did a fashion show and loved showing off our spectacular outfits! We spent time listening to different stories and worked as team and learnt some phrases from them. All the children dressed a Matilda loved shouting ‘But I just want to go to school!’ (In a wonderful American accent!) We loved making golden tickets for the chocolate factory in our modelling area. What a fun filled day!

Our first week….

The children have all settled beautifully into Reception. They are all busy making new friends and learning how to use all the different areas of provision. We had so much fun playing in all the outside area. We collected all the water into the buckets using the water ramps, we worked as a team and built a climbing frame, we drove our super ‘cool car’ and loved playing ‘bowling’ with our tyres! What a lot of fun!