Mrs Mayman and Miss Berry

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Reception Newsletters and Information

Veteran Visit

We were very lucky to be visited by some people from Brantwood Hall Care Home.  They were children during World War 2, and told us about their experiences of food being rationed, and practicing Air Raid drills in school!

World War 1 Week

We have been learning about what War is, and how brave the soldiers were to go and fight for their country.  We know that it is 100 years since World War 1 ended, and that it is important to remember the people who died or were injured during this time.  We thought about a time we had been brave, and made our own medals.

We love Autumn!

The adults in Reception set up this Autumn table for us to explore different elements of Autumn.  We looked at the leaves under a magnifying glass, and even did some conker rolling!

We are Sculptors!

We used clay and conkers to make these beautiful snails!  We rolled the clay into a sausage shape, then pushed the conker into the middle.  Then we added googly eyes, as well as sticks for the antennae!

We are Mathematicians!

We have been learning about amounts.  We have been matching the correct amount to the numeral.  We also had a game of Bingo to see who could recognise the numbers the quickest.

Autumn Walk!

We loved walking around our wildlife areas looking for signs of Autumn.  We collected leaves that had fallen off the trees, and spent time looking at the different colour changes.

We love Wriggle and Write!

We really enjoyed our first Wriggle and Write session.  We used colourful scarves to practise different movements that help us to write.  Then, we made sure we had the correct pencil grip to practise writing these movements on large pieces of paper.  We were so proud of ourselves! Check out the video to see us in action!

Wriggle and Write

Let’s get measuring!

We have been working really hard in the Modelling Area!  We have been looking in a mirror to see which materials we can use to match our face.  We were very creative when doing this!  During Maths, we have been measuring each other with string.  We spent time comparing who was the tallest and the shortest.

We are problem solvers…

Already we love working as a team to solve challenges given to us by our teachers. We were given a set of crates and learnt how to build them into a structure that didn’t fall. We then became architects and designed a cave. Just look at the finished result!

When working in the water station we kept losing all the water so we spent time working out a plan to stop this happening. We love team work!

Our first week…

We have already  been very busy in Reception!  Everyone has settled in really well, and enjoyed playing in all the provision areas…