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Welcome to 3B’s class page! In our class we have Mrs Antcliff and Mrs Goudie!

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Summer 2 – The White Rose Settlement

Our Summer 2 Topic is to learn all about the White Rose Settlement.

Summer 1 – The Saxons

Our Summer 1 Topic is to learn all about the Anglo-Saxons. Today we wrote our names in Saxon alphabet called Runes!

We used natural food dye from Blackberries to dye our material from white to purple! Here are a few examples.

A selection of Anglo-Saxon brooches we designed and made.

One of our favourite activities this half term was sampling a range of Saxon foods. We had a selection of fruits, porridge and bread washed down with some apple juice. The porridge seemed to be a class favourite however some of us had to add honey to make our porridge sweet!


Our summer assembly ran smoothly, everyone remembered their lines and were loud and clear! A great end to the Saxons! Thank you to everyone for coming to watch!

3B earnt Achiever of the Week for a super assembly and for excellent behaviour and effort on the trip to Danelaw! Well done 3B!

Our Trip to Danelaw!

Our school trip on 14th May was to Danelaw to learn all about the Anglo-Saxons. We had to dress up in Saxon clothing and we were Saxon boys and girls for the day. The adults were the slaves! We learnt all about Saxon foods and how they grew crops. We had a go at weeding the fields using a hoe. It was very hard work! Another activity was to made an oil lamp out of clay which would have been used as a light. Next we either made bread with My Lady or went to collect wood for the fire. Finally we all had a go at guard duty and when an invader came we easily defeated him! Overall it was a very busy, challenging and fun day out!

Arts Fortnight

In Arts Fortnight we planted cress and different seeds ready for our coral reef model!

The children in 3B made Herring Gulls out of plastic materials! Here are a few examples.

3B took part in a Dance workshop with Miss Berry.

3B worked really hard in Arts Fortnight and produced an amazing display! Fin the orca is finally finished!

Autumn 1 – Maths Challenge

Our maths Conker challenge! We put conkers in rows of 10 to count them easily! We had 1,127!

3B were chosen first to look after the chickens! Just a few action shots of the children feeding and looking after them.