Year 3B

Our maths Conker challenge! We put conkers in rows of 10 to count them easily! We had 1,127!

In science we were looking at which drinks were bad for our teeth/bones! We tested this on chicken bones as it is made of the same thing.

The drinks we tested were coke, lemonade, orange juice, apple juice, milk and water! We all predicted what might happen to the chicken bones. Then we left the bones for a week!The coke discoloured the bones and turned them brown! So just imagine what it does to our teeth! The lemonade, apple and orange juice bones became softer and could be snapped easily. This was due to all the sugar! Even natural sugar can be bad for your teeth! We found the water did nothing to the chicken bone and therefore was the healthiest for our teeth as well as the milk which is full of calcium which keeps keep our teeth and bones strong!