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We were extremely busy during Science Week!  The theme was ‘Exploration and Discovery’.  We explored the outdoors in the wildlife area at school, collecting materials that we could use to make a bird nest.  We explored items from home by looking at 3 food cans, without labels, and investigated to see if we could find out which can contained beans, soup and peaches.  We explored the wider world by investigating which were the most absorbent materials to make an astro-nappy!  We also took part in a full day of outdoor learning, and had a visit from a scientist, who showed us lots of experiments, and how to make slime!


Has anyone seen this dragon flying around Wrenthorpe?!?!?!?!  It was outside our classroom during lunchtime on 3/8/2018!  We used the iPads to make news reports about it…

We even found a dragon foot print in the snow!

For our January Inspire Morning, we designed and created Stig’s cave from Stig of the Dump.  We have been reading the book this half term during our English lessons, and our adults helped us to make our models using cardboard, newspaper, tissue paper, tubes, bottle lids, pipe cleaners, bones, nuts, bolts, twigs, paint……….. anything we could find!  Have a look at the photos to see our amazing designs.

As part of our RE topic this half term, we had a visit from a Jewish lady called Gwyneth.  She told us all about the Jewish creation story – which is very similar to the Christian and Muslim creation story – and she brought in some Jewish religious artefacts for us to look at.  Thank you for visiting us, Gwyneth!  We really enjoyed listening to you explain the Jewish creation story, and talking to you about the artefacts you brought in!

To help us learn about how to measure mass, we baked some buns!  We followed Mrs Goudie’s recipe, and used the measuring scales to weigh each ingredient.  We worked out that each little line on the scale was 25g, so we worked hard to count in 25s!

Since September, we have really enjoyed learning French.  Have a listen to this video to hear us singing the colours of the rainbow song in French!

We have been working very hard in Maths!  We used Polydron to make a range of 3D shapes, then used the iPads to photograph the shapes.  We use an app called Popplet to input our photos and describe the shapes.

Also in Maths, we have been learning about measurement.  This week, we have practiced capacity by working out a range of scales on measuring jugs, then using the measuring jugs to measure different amounts of liquid.

In English this half term (Autumn 2), we have been reading a book called ‘The One Hundred Mile an Hour Dog’, written by Jeremy Strong.  We have written a character description about Trevor, the main character, and recorded our descriptions using Tellagami on the iPads.  Watch our videos below – we hope you like them…!

This week, we have been learning about shapes and right angles.  We used the Beebots to help us learn about using right angles as a description of turn.  We had to decide where the Beebot would start and finish, then planned our route by jotting down directional arrows.  Miss Berry told us to include: a quarter turn (1 right angle); a half turn (2 right angles); and a three-quarter turn (3 right angles).

On 13th September, we took part in a fantastic Stone Age workshop!  We had the opportunity to look at artefacts, do some sketching, play a Stone Age game and do some cave painting art.  Some of us even got to try on helmets, as well as holding swords and shields!