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On Monday, we became forensic scientists for the day! Our history topic for this half term is all about how crime and punishment has changed through the ages, from the time of the Romans right up to the present day. We learned about the modern methods of solving crimes so that we had a way of comparing and contrasting the different periods of history and the crimes and punishments in each one. We realised that it is a lot easier to determine is somebody is guilty of a crime in the present day than it was in the past because there are lots of high-tech, scientific methods available.

The first thing we did was to explore the crime scene, where we photographed, documented and collected all the evidence that had been left. After that, we learned how to take fingerprints and to identify their features (loops, whorls and arches) then we used this information to help us identify whose fingerprint we had found at the crime scene.

Our next job was to identify the white powder we had collected from the crime scene. We were able to do this by analysing four different powders and comparing their appearance, smell, texture and how they reacted to water, vinegar and iodine with the one from the crime scene.

Finally, we had to identify which pen had been used to write the notes left at the crime scene. We did this using a method called chromatography which is where ink is exposed to a solvent (water, in this case) and we observe how the colours separate.

We all had a fantastic day and learned lots about modern methods of solving crime!