Mrs Parry

Welcome to 5P’s Class Page!

Our Mission Statement:

In 5P we are the best we can be,

We work as a team; there’s no ‘I’ or ‘me’,

We are respectful, helpful and kind,

A friendlier class you will not find.

Although we work hard, we still have fun,

Our wonderful smiles shine like the sun!

We always strive to reach our goals,

We give it everything – our heart and soul.

If you come to visit, you soon will see

What a nice place it is in Class 5P!

Arts Fortnight

What a fantastic time we have been having during our Arts Fortnight! Here is an overview of all the creative things we have been getting up to:

Drama Workshop

To kick off our fortnight, we took part in a drama workshop led by Miss Carter. She showed us an image of an iceberg made from a plastic bottle and we had a good discussion about the effect plastic is having on the world’s oceans. We then had to work in groups to create our own advertisement to persuade people to stop using so much plastic. We had to use the slogan Reduce, Reuse, Recycle in our adverts.

Creative Writing

We worked with Mrs Sanders on some creative writing based on ‘The Tin Forest’. We thought about the different sounds, smells and sights we would come across whilst walking through a forest and wrote poems to reflect this. We also made some hanging poems using tree branches.

Sculpture Workshop with Jill Randall

We were all lucky enough to take part in a sculpture workshop with a real-life artist! Jill specialises in working with steel however she came to school to work with every child to make our very own clay sculpture. Each phase had a different theme to work with, all of which linked with the idea behind Arts Fortnight, which is ‘The effect plastic is having on our natural world’. Years 5 and 6 made hedgerow animals out of clay which we then decorated with plastics and recyclables to highlight how these animals are being affected by plastic waste in their habitats. We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves and our sculptures are great!

The Plastic Box

After we learned about the effect plastic is having on our environment, we wrote some poems which aim to highlight the problem to others. We took inspiration from a beautifully written, positive poem by Kit Wright which is called ‘The Magic Box’. In the poem, the box is full of beautiful, awe-inspiring things. We then turned the poem around and wrote our own version entitled ‘The Plastic Box’. In our poem, the box is full of horrible, sad things which reflect what is happening to animals around the world as a result of plastic pollution. We are really pleased with how they turned out: they are very dramatic and really succeed in getting across the point we were trying to make.

Trip to Bradford Grand Mosque and the National Media Museum

Year 5 had a super day when they went on their trip. Bradford Grand Mosque was a beautiful building and we were all made to feel very welcome by Bilali, who taught us all sorts about the religion of Islam and its traditions. We were all blown away by the massive chandelier and the decoration inside the mosque. All the children were also very grateful for their wonderful gift bags.

The National Media Museum was a brilliant addition to the trip – the children particularly enjoyed exploring the Wonderlab with all its fascinating sound and light experiments.

White Rose Maths

This year, we have changed the way in which we approach the teaching of Mathematics. There is a much larger emphasis on using concrete manipulatives and equipment to help children become confident with Mathematical concepts before moving on to using more formal methods.

In 5P, children have been enjoying using these manipulatives to investigate cube numbers, place value and multiplication.

Inspire Morning 

Thank you to everyone who came to our Inspire Morning. The children thoroughly enjoyed working alongside you all on their artwork linked to our RE topic. The work they produced was fantastic and I hope they are all very proud of themselves!

Children in Need 

The children thoroughly enjoyed dressing up in their pyjamas and onesies to help raise money for Children in Need!