Miss Read

Welcome to Year Six’s Class Page!

Our Mission Statement

In 6R we try our best,

At the end of the year we will fly our nest.

Until then, we will set an example to the whole school,

Remembering to follow our class rules.

We will be polite and have lots of fun,

And have smiles on our faces as bright as the sun.

Science Week – 12th-16th March

The theme for Science Week was ‘Exploration and Discovery’. We did lots of fun and interesting experiments and activities throughout the week and here is a glimpse into what we got up to…

We kicked off the week with a fun experiment, and made ice-cream out of milkshake without a freezer in sight! All it took was some ziplock bags, some milkshake, lots of ice and some salt. We found out that salt lowers the freezing temperature of the ice, which allows the milkshake to freeze very quickly. We enjoyed learning about the Science behind the experiment, and eating the ice-cream was fun too!

Our next experiment linked to the water cycle and we made ‘rain clouds in a jar’. Each group had a glass jar, nearly full to the top with water and shaving foam on the top to represent the cloud. Using a straw, the children then added dyed water a little at a time and observed what happened.

At first, the dye just stayed within the shaving foam, until more and more was added and eventually it fell into the water, giving the effect of rain. This showed what happened during the water cycle, as clouds have to become full of condensed water before it becomes heavy enough to fall as precipitation. We had great fun, and enjoyed mixing the colours to create a beautiful effect.

We then made ‘tornados in a bottle’ by adding water, a squirt of washing up liquid and a pinch of glitter to a plastic bottle. It took a while to perfect the technique, but if shaken correctly, you are able to create a ‘tornado’ within the bottle. Spinning the bottle in a circular motion creates a water vortex that looks like a mini tornado. Here are some videos to show you how it’s done…

Tornado in a Bottle - Ted

Tornado in a Bottle - Natalie

Tornado in a Bottle - Honey

We also had an outdoor learning day, where the whole of KS2 took part in lots of different activities. One activity that we did was to make a boggart out of clay, which is a mischievous woodland spirit. Here are the ones that our class made, using materials from the natural environment.

National Railway Museum – 5.2.18

Linked to our topic this term, ‘A Journey Through Time’ where we have learnt all about how transport has changed over history, Years 5 and 6 went on a trip to the National Railway Museum in York. We had a fantastic day seeing all the trains we had learnt about in the flesh. We were also lucky enough to see Tim Peake’s spacecraft. Below are some photos from our trip…

Fair Trade Chocolate Workshop

In Autumn 1, our Geography topic was ‘A Fairer World’ where we focused on learning all about Fair Trade. We took part in a chocolate workshop run by the Ministry of Chocolate which really brought our learning to life! We learnt all about chocolate, where it comes from, how it is grown and then we even had chance to taste it. At the end of the workshop, all children became official ‘Chocolatologists’!


Inspire Morning – 5.10.17

A huge thank you to all the adults that came along to our Inspire Morning; it was fantastic to see so many of you there. All the children produced an excellent piece of writing based on our class book ‘Holes’. The children and adults came up with a back-story to some of the main characters in the book and it was great to hear all of your creative ideas. The children then designed a front cover to go with their story.

Roald Dahl Day – 21.9.17

We had great fun on Roald Dahl Day dressing up as our favourite characters from his amazing books. We had so many creative outfits! All the children looked absolutely brilliant! On this day, we had a book swap with the other year 5 and 6 classes, did a Roald Dahl quiz and created biography leaflets about Roald himself. Check out our fantastic costumes below…