We have recently trained up 30 of our Year 6 children in Bikeability. They spent 1 and 1/2 days learning how to ride their bike safely and learning how to check if their bike is safe to ride or not. Every child loved this opportunity and they all felt they had achieved lots and loved every minute!

The Schools’ Yorkshire Bike Tour 2018

8 children from Year 5 were selected to take part in the Schools’ Yorkshire Bike Tour. Children from Ledger Lane Primary Academy rode on their bikes to our school where they passed on the baton. We then mounted our bikes and set off on our way to St Pauls school in Alverthorpe where we were met by hundreds of cheering children. We absolutely loved the experience and had a real sense of team spirit by the end of the event. Well done to all involved!

Leaving school!

Tackling the big hill!