Science Week 2018

What a week we have had for Science Week! The children have completed some fantastic activities ranging from investigations, researching scientists, researching scientific questions and facts, a visit from a scientist as well as an outdoor learning rotation day where children rotated through a range of activities with different teachers.

The children have all produced some amazing work as well as developed their science skills!

Thank you to Barclays

As you will have seen on our recent Science and Outdoor Learning Newsletter, we had some special visitors to our school last week. Volunteers from Barclays Bank came to help improve our Outdoor Learning environments and donated some money too. The volunteers worked incredibly hard throughout the day making sure important jobs could be completed ready for our children to use.

They managed to varnish the outdoor classroom, dig up and create a new weather proof path to the classroom, create a new colourful sign to hang in our classroom as well as some cable reels we can use as tables, trim back overgrown trees in the wildlife area and tidy up the school allotment with pruning, weeding and raking.

All these jobs make it easier and safer for our children to enjoy quality learning in the outdoors!

Later in the afternoon, some children from 6R went outside to interview the volunteers. They recorded their questions and answers.

We cannot thank these wonderful volunteers enough for the hard work and time spent at our school. You may even recognise one of our parents too!

These are just some of the before, during and after photos…

Welcome Miss Brown.

As you may be aware, Miss Brown has started working with children in small group sessions to provide ‘Change4Life’ lessons with a focus on learning in the outdoors. Already, groups of children have been busy working on many different activities such as planting bulbs/seeds and looking after the allotment, healthy living posters, nature art, pressing leaves, leaf art cards, pebble necklaces, food tasting and healthy snacks, making bird feeders, miniature gardens and much more . Here are some examples from Year 5 and 6…


As part of our whole school Science week each class took part in a potato growing competition. Each class were given a grow bag and 3 potatoes to plant during Science week.

We discovered how many each class grew and weighed the heaviest during an assembly.

Which class had the most? Which class had the heaviest?

Science Week 2017

Our whole school Science week was a huge success! The children took part in many activities such as, a Sublime Science Workshop with a mad scientist, investigations & experiments, designing and creating a Spiritual Garden (Reception & KS2), designing and building Bug Hotels (Reception & KS1) as well as clearing and planting in our class patches at the allotment.

As you can see we had great fun taking our Science learning outdoors. As you walk around our school, you will see Science everywhere…look out for the incredible Spiritual Gardens and Bug Hotels!

Here are only a few photos to show some of our incredible hard work…

Science Week 2017 -Reception

Science Week 2017 -Key Stage One

Science Week 2017 -Key Stage Two