20.3.2020: Mother’s Day Treat!

Unfortunately, we had to cancel our Marvellous Mums/Grandmas Morning.  One of the things we planned to do was sing this wonderful song about ‘Super Mums’.  We have recorded the children singing it, so you can still enjoy the children’s wonderful performance!

Mother's Day Song

20.3.2020: Evil Pea traps!

Reception homework for the past two weeks has been to design and make an Evil Pea trap.  There have been some fantastic designs!  The children loved having the opportunity to share how their traps worked – excellent communication skills!

19.3.2020: Evil Pea turns good…

Evil Pea left us one last letter this morning.  Mrs Shaw read it for us, and Evil Pea said that he has been watching us all in Reception.  He has seen how good we all are, and he wants to be good like us too!  We noticed that he had finally released the veggies, and we even checked the CCTV to find that he has returned to the freezer!  We are so relieved he has decided to change his ways.

12.3.2020: Outdoor Story Time…

This afternoon, we were able to go and have a look at our newly refurbished wildlife area.  It has now got a special seating area, where we all sat to listen to a Supertato book!

12.3.2020: Star of the Day Badges disappear!

Oh no – not again!  Evil Pea is up to his nasty tricks again.  This morning, we couldn’t find the Star of the Day badges, then we discovered a letter that Evil Pea had left for us.  He has stolen them and hidden them away because HE wants to be Star of the Day!  We really hope he returns them soon!  We even had another code to crack…

9.3.2020: Evil Pea is taking over!

When we came to school this morning, Evil Pea had taken over!  All of the veggies had been captured, and there was tape all around our outside classroom.  As we came into school, there were peas all over the floor and we had to give our fingerprints.  We even found peas hiding in the water area!  We still think Evil Pea must be hiding somewhere in school, so we are looking carefully to see if we can spot him…

6.3.2020: World Book Day!

We have loved dressing up as our favourite book characters for World Book Day!  We also really enjoyed having the  Year 6 children down in Reception to read us all a book!

2.3.2020: Frozone sends us a letter!

We were very surprised today to find a frozen hand, and receive a letter from Frozone!  He told us that he was in need of a new hideout to hide from the villains.  He challenged us to build a new hideout for him, so we went outside and got to work with the large construction equipment!  We even had to crack a code to get into our new role play area.  We have also started reading a book called ‘Supertato’, and we are keeping a close eye-out for Evil Pea, because we think he could be somewhere in school…!

25.2.2020: Pancake Day – yummy!

Today we have talked about why we celebrate Pancake Day, and the children have enjoyed tasting freshly cooked pancakes.  The children chose whether they would like a plain pancake, or a pancake topped with chocolate or fruit.  We even made a tally chart to show who liked or did not like pancakes.  There were more children who liked pancakes than did not like them!

24.2.2020: Superheroes!

We have all enjoyed being back at school after the half term break, and starting our new Superhero topic!  There are so many exciting activities around our provision, and we have all enjoyed exploring them.  We have particularly enjoyed pretending to be heroes like nurses, doctors, paramedics, police officers and fire fighters!

14.2.2020: Pebble Circle Time…

After learning that penguins give pebbles to their friends, we had a homework task to design and make our own pebble.  To finish our topic, we had a special circle time this afternoon, where we all gave our pebble to one of our friends, and told our friend why they are so special to us.

14.2.2020: Topic Teaser

We had our ‘Topic Teaser’ this afternoon, where the children had a chance to share lots of the things they have learnt throughout our Arctic topic!

14.2.2020: Boat Challenge!

After reading the book ‘Lost and Found’, we had a homework challenge to design and make a boat that floats.  Today we tested everyone’s boats!  There were some wonderful designs, and we were really impressed with how many boats floated!

10.2.2020: Inspire Morning

We had a wonderful Inspire Morning this morning.  We had lots of different penguin-themed activities as a culmination of our Arctic/Antarctic topic.  The children loved working alongside their visitors and blew them all away with everything they have learnt throughout this topic!

30.1.2020: Pedro Update…

Over the past couple of days, we have received some post cards from Pedro!  He has been on his travels, with Peter the Polar Bear, and we have looked at the globe to see where he has visited.  He has even been to Paris to see the Eiffel Tower, and New York to see the Statue of Liberty!  We all hope they are having a lovely time, but we can’t wait for Pedro to come back.


This morning, we noticed some strange, snow-like trails in our outdoor area, and then realised that Pedro the penguin had disappeared from inside our classroom!  We have been looking for him everywhere, but we think he may have gone on holiday with a polar bear.  Please keep an eye out for him – we have been making signs to try to get him to come back!

13.1.2020: Topic WOW Morning

This morning, we have been introduced to our new ‘Arctic Animals’ topic.  We read the story ‘Stick Man’, then went for a Winter Walk in our Outdoor Area to collect sticks to make our own Stick Men!  We have also started using our Arctic role play area, and are very lucky to have lots of other Arctic-themed activities all around provision!

10.1.2020: Reading Teddies

Our homework this week has been to find a teddy at home who can become our ‘Reading Teddy’ buddy.  We will read our reading books to our buddy every night at home.  Today, we brought our teddies in for a special reading session in the morning.  We also used our teddies during our Jigsaw lesson in the afternoon.  We told our teddies our dreams and goals for this new year, and what we want to get better at.

20.12.2019: Santa!

This afternoon, we had the most wonderful surprise… a Facetime call from SANTA!  He spoke to us all and left us a surprise present outside our classroom!  He also had a letter for each of us to take home – we were so excited!

Santa Video 1

Santa Video 2


Our Reception children receive a raffle ticket for each time they read at home.  The girls won these lovely books in the class raffle to take home and keep.  Well done and keep up the fantastic work!

17.12.2019: Brantwood Hall Christmas visit

We planned and prepared a Christmas party for the residents of Brantwood Hall.  We wrote them an invitation and spent this morning preparing the cafe area.  When the residents arrived, we presented them with a special Christmas card and some Christmas treats.  We also worked together to make Christmas party hats and sang them some songs from our Christmas play!

16.12.2019: Santa’s Workshop!

Today, we received a letter from the Elves explaining that they have been to create a Santa’s Workshop in our Outdoor Area over the weekend!  We had a fantastic time making our own wrapping paper, and wrapping presents!  We challenged our friends to guess what 3D shape we had wrapped-up.  We impressed all of our teachers because we knew lots of different properties.  We even used the laptop to check Santa’s naughty and nice list!

13.12.2019: Santa letters!

This week, we have all written a letter to Santa to tell him what we want for Christmas.  Today, we sent our Santa letters to the North Pole!  We were very excited because after we had sent them, we heard sleigh bells ringing on the corridor!  We think it must have been the elves coming to collect our letters!

11.12.2019: Christmas With The Aliens!

We have all worked together as a team to perform ‘Christmas With The Aliens’ to our parents!  The performance was about aliens crashing into Earth because their spaceship had broken down.  They crash-landed in the middle of a nativity rehearsal, and they loved learning all about the very first Christmas Day!

Christmas Corner…

We now have a special corner in Reception with a lovely fireplace to hang stockings.  We are using our fine motor skills to carefully thread ribbon into different patterns through the holes on the Christmas stockings.  We also have some magical Christmas books that we are enjoying sharing together.

15.11.2019: Children In Need

Today we came to school wearing our pyjamas/onesies to raise money for Children In Need.  We also learnt a Pudsey dance during our PE lesson!

Pudsey Dance

Pudsey Dance

11.11.2019: Lest we forget…

Today we have learnt about why Remembrance Day is so important.  We talked about people who have worked, and still work, in the army.  We also talked about soldiers who have fought in battles/wars, and received medals for their bravery.  We thought about a time when we have been brave and made our own medals.

5.11.2019: Remember, Remember…

We have had a great first day back at school, accessing provision and learning all about Bonfire Night!  We have created fireworks using paint, chalks, play dough, modelling equipment and technology.  We even had firework water in the Water Area!

25.10.2019: ‘Marvellous Me’ Topic Teaser

We finished our topic today with a class quiz!  Mrs Mayman’s and Miss Berry’s class competed against each other to answer questions about what we have learnt this half term.  We had such a wonderful time working as a team, and were able to answer all of the questions confidently!

25.10.2019: What a busy week!

We have had such a busy week during the final week of our first Autumn term in Reception.  We have been practising our early writing and counting, as well as using our senses to look at pumpkins!

22.10.2019: Inspire Morning

Thank you so much to everyone who came to our wonderful Inspire Morning!  We have now got so many fantastic pieces of work, linking in with our ‘Marvellous Me’ topic.  We all had such a lovely morning and it was brilliant to work alongside so many of our adults.

17.10.2019: Autumn Walk

This morning, we went out into the wildlife areas around school to collect things like leaves, twigs and stones.  We talked about how the outdoor environment changes from Summer into Autumn, and thought about the textures of different things.  We will use everything we have collected for our Inspire Morning next week!


We have now been taking part in Maths activities for a couple of weeks, and really enjoyed making ‘ten-tickles’ this week.  We are also beginning to take responsibility for playing and sharing well together, as well as appointing ‘Tidy Directors’ who check to make sure every area of provision has been tidied-up properly.

Senses Station

As part of our ‘Marvellous Me’ topic, we have had a ‘Senses Station’, where we can explore a new sense every week.  Have a look at our photos – can you tell which senses we have learnt about already?

Wriggle & Write

On Friday mornings, we do Wriggle & Write to practise our gross-motor skills.  We use coloured scarves to move to the music to practise movements that we need to apply in our writing – moving up and down, side to side, round and round, over and under!

Wriggle and Write

Dough Disco

We have spent our mornings enjoying Dough Disco!  We hold some play dough in our hands, put some music on and mold our play dough into different shapes to develop our fine-motor skills, and warm our hands up ready for writing.

20.9.2019: New Friend Friday

This morning was our first ‘New Friend Friday’ of the year! We all spent the morning with someone who we wouldn’t normally play with, which allows us to make new friends and get to know our new friends really well.

20.9.2019: And the winner is… everyone!

Now that it is the end of the week, we received an email from Simon Cowell!  He said he has seen our performances and he was really impressed!  He was so impressed that he chose all of us as his winners, and sent us a little prize!

16.9.2019: ‘I can’ day…

This morning we were very excited to receive a letter from Simon Cowell! He has heard about us performing in our role play area to showcase our talents in ‘Wrenthorpe’s Got Talent’. In his letter, Simon asked us all to share our talents throughout the day, and that the children with the best talents would win a prize! Our teachers gave us stickers to show what our talents are, for example: I can sing a song, I can balance on one leg, I can write my name, I can play nicely with my friends.

16.9.2019: Burn2Learn

Today we were excited to meet Alex from Burn2Learn and try out some of his activities! We practised recognising numbers to 10, 2D shapes and some letter sounds. It was so much fun to learn whilst being active!

13.9.2019: Our first full week in Reception

We have now completed our first full week in Reception – and what a busy week it’s been!  We’ve been busy selling tickets in the box office of our theatre role play area, watching performances, building incredible structures in the builder’s yard, making dens, and much more!

6.9.2019: Our first days in Reception!

We have had another busy day today – we have all been in for our first full day and have had lots of fun accessing provision, as well as getting some fresh air outside.  We even all got our very first WOW moments!

5.9.2019: Our first days in Reception!

What a wonderful two days we’ve had!  We’ve been in for two half-days, and have been exploring our classrooms and all the different areas of provision.  We have learnt lots of new rules and routines, and we have all settled in really well!