Meet the FRIENDS


We have an excellent Friends Association, full of very enthusiastic members who regularly give up their time to plan events. The Friends association is made up of parents, carers and guardians of children at our school.
The Friends run numerous events throughout the school year, such as Discos, the Christmas Fair, Fashion Shows and many more. All of these events are to raise money to help pay for school projects, equipment and facilities. Some of the money the Friends have raised has gone towards; the new playground, the School Council (which used it to purchase our new Samba instruments), Choir/Samba T-shirts, Pompoms for the Street Dancers and much more.

A warm welcome is given to any Parent/Carer/Guardian who would like to attend the Friends meetings, which are held every 6-8 weeks. If you are interested in joining our fantastic Friends Association, please contact the school for more information.


Here’s an update on our recent expenditure:

A recommendation from our recent Ofsted inspection in April 2014 was to provide a learning wall for the Reception area. The learning wall is a fence structure that creates a display wall in the Reception outdoor area so that the children see the outdoors as an extension of the indoor classroom. It will be used to attach chalk boards, white boards, number activities, musical equipment and to display pupil’s work. It is intended to be put in palce over the summer holidays and so be ready for the new Reception class in September.
COST = £2,000

To install a ball catcher and markings to complete the playground activities trail, to be finished by the second week of September.
COST = £2,229

To purchase a Coomber CD player/listening centre and headphones that is compatible with iPads and MP3 players to be used during group reading times.
COST = £215

Purchase food and equipment required for the Year 4 French Café Morning. An experience that has proved a valuable learning experience for previous year 4 children.
COST = £54.27