Main Entrance

The Main Entrance is at the front of the school building. The School Council worked hard last year planting some hanging baskets to make the entrance look colourful and inviting.

Main Entrance

School Office

Just inside our Main Entrance is where you will find the School Office.

School office


We are very proud of our fantastic Library! It is packed with a wide range of fiction and non-fiction books and is used by every class on a regular basis. It has recently had a face-lift so now, as well as being an excellent library, it has also become an effective work space for small groups.


Main Hall

The Main Hall is where the whole school comes together for our assemblies and other events. It is equipped with a retractable whiteboard, an excellent sound system, and we even have a set of disco lights which we use for our pantomimes and Friends Association events.

Main hall


Our Courtyard area is planted with various shrubs and includes a fountain and picnic benches. This space is ideal for small groups of children to complete tasks outdoors, and in the Summer months the picnic benches are used by the oldest children at lunchtimes.



Our Reception includes three large spaces and an outside area, which has recently been improved and now includes lots of fun equipment!


Our Classrooms

Our Classrooms are all bright spaces with stimulating display areas. Every teacher in school has worked hard to create a happy working environment for their class.


Learning Zones

Take a look at our brand new Learning Zones! These zones are for group work and provide ideal areas for children to work without any distractions. We also have a small ICT work area which contains 8 desktop computers.

learning zone 1learning zone 2

Kitchen Area

Our Kitchen Area is a space where small groups of children can work with an adult on cooking projects. Cookery is an important life skill that we like to teach our children, so all classes in school have the use of this area when needed.



We are very lucky to have a large field. This space is ideal for children to play when the weather is fine and it provides a perfect space for our PE lessons and numerous Extra Curricular sports activities.



We have a large playground area to the side of the school building. It is painted with various different games and sports areas, and there are benches for children to use during playtimes. This area is used both for playtimes and PE lessons.


Wildlife Areas

We have two fantastic Wildlife Areas, a pond, an Outdoor Classroom and an Allotment area. See ‘The Outdoor Classroom‘ for more information.

wildlife areas