School Mission Statement

Wrenthorpe: Where everyone is valued

At Wrenthorpe Primary School we all work together to provide:

a secure, caring environment where everyone is valued, expectations are high and achievements are celebrated.

At Wrenthorpe Primary we have these aims for the children in our care:

  • to help children to develop an enquiring and curious mind and use this in their learning;
  • to give children confidence, security and happiness;
  • to teach the children how to acquire knowledge, skills and develop their practical abilities;
  • to increase children’s imaginative understanding and develop their thirst for knowledge in all aspects of the curriculum;
  • to teach children social and moral values and to abide by a code of behaviour;
  • to teach children to be thoughtful and care for themselves, for others and the world around them.

The school has the following strenghts:

  • pupils reach above average attainment by the end of year six
  • pupils who are supported by the pupil premium funding make outstanding progress in reading and maths and good progress in writing
  • the quality of teaching is consistently good with some that is outstanding
  • teachers have a good subject knowledge and use resources creatively to support learning
  • pupils have positive attitudes to their work: a significant factor in the good progress they are making in their lessons
  • leaders have a clear understanding of what is working well and what could be better still
  • since the last inspection, leaders’ actions have raised achievement and improved the quality of teaching significantly

Source: OFSTED – April 2014